Ryan Fitzpatrick looking to bring back ‘Fitzmagic’ in Miami

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Dominique Clare

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Ryan Fitzpatrick finds himself in a different but all too familiar situation. The Miami Dolphins brought the veteran quarterback in for quality depth as an insurance policy. As we have seen in recent history with Fitzpatrick, he is capable of much more. At least for the initial part of the season.

The Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen with the Arizona Cardinals back in April of this year. Making a move for a young quarterback drafted that high typically indicates that Rosen would assume the starter role right off the bat and take over as the team’s franchise quarterback.

Rosen had a very up and down season during his rookie campaign in Arizona but did show some promise. He is also the highest-drafted quarterback drafted 10th or higher before turning 23 years of age, so time is also on his side.

That is what makes the news released today that Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading the quarterback battle with Rosen puzzling to many. Most people didn’t even think there was a battle and the fact that Fitzpatrick is leading that battle raises some eyebrows.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is no stranger to QB battles

Last season Ryan Fitzpatrick stepped in for Jameis Winston and played so well that he lead the NFL in several passing categories. It got to a point where there was a legitimate argument for who the starter should be when Winston returned. His season eventually mellowed out, but he was ready every time his name was called.

The Dolphins know that Fitzpatrick can get the job done. They may not be seeing enough from Rosen and are unsure if they are ready to commit to a project. Fitzpatrick is a guy who teammates love with high leadership qualities.

Things could get interesting if Fitzpatrick starts the season off hot once again if he does in fact win the starting position which I one hundred percent think he will. While it will definitely complicate the future of the Dolphins, I am on board for some more Fitzmagic.

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