The F1 GOAT Debate: Russell’s Perspective on Hamilton and Verstappen

The Formula One world is no stranger to heated disputes, particularly when it comes to deciding the best driver of all time. George Russell, the young talent at Mercedes, has recently shared his perspective on this debate, shedding light on his views about Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Hamilton: The Undisputed GOAT?

George Russell’s partnership with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes has provided him with a first-hand understanding of the seven-time world champion’s abilities and mindset. Despite Hamilton’s recent struggles in Formula One, Russell remains in awe of his teammate’s ability. He believes Hamilton is the “greatest of all time,” a sentiment shared by many in the Formula One community. Russell admires Hamilton not only for his track record, but also for the lessons he has learned from him both on and off the track.

Verstappen: The Rising Star

While Hamilton’s legacy is well-known, Max Verstappen’s recent supremacy in the sport cannot be overlooked. The Dutchman’s performance at Red Bull has been nothing short of outstanding, putting him in the running for the title of the finest F1 driver. Russell recognises Verstappen’s talent and even says that if he had to pick a teammate other than Hamilton, it would be Max. This speaks volumes about the respect Verstappen has garnered among his peers.

The Mercedes Dilemma

Russell’s arrival at Mercedes came at a difficult time for the team. Mercedes’ success has been eclipsed by Red Bull’s supremacy, with the Silver Arrows winning just one race in the last two seasons. Russell, on the other hand, stays positive and patient, drawing parallels with past greats such as Michael Schumacher, who took his time before dominating with Ferrari.

Russell’s Ambition

Despite the challenges, Russell’s ambition remains undeterred. He aspires to win championships with Mercedes and is determined to repay the team’s faith in him. His dream is not just to be a part of the Mercedes legacy but to carve out his own niche in the annals of F1 history.


As new drivers emerge and records are broken, the discussion over who is the greatest F1 driver will continue to grow. However, observations from drivers like George Russell, who race alongside these icons, offer a distinct viewpoint. While Russell holds Hamilton in high regard, he also recognises Verstappen’s rapid rise. Fans and analysts alike will be watching the trajectories of these extraordinary sportsmen as the F1 tale unfolds..

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