Ferrari Triumphs in Historic Le Mans 24-Hour Race, Ending 50-Year Drought

In a thrilling and historic Le Mans 24 Hours race, the Ferrari #51 emerged victorious, securing the manufacturer’s first win in the top flight of sportscar racing since its return to the World Endurance Championship. The nail-biting competition unfolded amidst a 16-car Hypercar field, ultimately narrowing down to a fierce battle between Ferrari and Toyota.

Ferrari #51 Claims Momentous Victory at Le Mans, Breaking Half-Century Record

The Ferrari #51, driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado, and Antonio Giovinazzi, made history by clinching the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours race. This win marked Ferrari’s return to the top tier of endurance racing, securing a long-awaited triumph after five decades.

The 100th anniversary edition of the Le Mans race delivered a captivating spectacle with its 16-car Hypercar field, which featured outstanding performances and unexpected twists. The race for victory eventually came down to a duel between Ferrari and Toyota.

Despite a spin and a subsequent stint in the gravel, the #51 Ferrari showcased its resilience. A critical error by Toyota’s Ryo Hirakawa allowed Ferrari to maintain their lead, ensuring a comfortable gap in the race’s latter stages.

Toyota’s #8 car, which initially claimed the lead, had a strong start but faced setbacks along the way. A crash involving Jack Aitken’s Action Express Cadillac triggered a safety car period, reshuffling the positions at the front.

The race dynamics were further affected as rain fell during the fourth hour. The #94 Peugeot briefly led, but as the track dried, the Ferraris and Toyotas resumed their battle for dominance.

Pier Guidi in a difficult situation when he found himself in the gravel trap while avoiding spinning autos as nightfall approached. This incident allowed the #94 Peugeot to briefly retake the lead, but the #7 Toyota, which had been promoted to second, crashed, reducing their prospects.

The #51 Ferrari and #8 Toyota traded lead positions throughout the race. Pier Guidi’s daring overtaking manoeuvre around the outside of the second Mulsanne chicane proved vital in Ferrari’s triumph.

Despite a late scare during a pitstop, Ferrari maintained their lead and crossed the finish line with a well-deserved triumph. The victory was Ferrari’s first overall victory at Le Mans since 1965, and it effectively ended Toyota’s domination in the 2023 World Endurance Championship season. Cadillac #2 finished third in both the general classification and the Hypercar category.

Other categories

In the other categories of the race, #34 Europol Competition was the winner in the LMP2 class, despite his driver, Fabio Scherer, being run over by another competitor in the pitlane. #33 Corvette dominated the GTE Am category, while the all-female Iron Dames finished in fourth position, fighting for the top spots the whole race.

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