Liverpool’s VAR Controversy: A Deep Dive into the Tottenham Match Debacle

The recent Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham has sparked significant controversy due to a series of VAR decisions. This article delves into the details of the contentious calls, the aftermath, and the broader implications for the sport.

1. The Heart of the Controversy: Diaz’s Disallowed Goal

Luis Diaz of Liverpool scored a goal in the game that was disallowed due to offside. Despite the fact that replays revealed Diaz was obviously onside, the VAR refused to overrule the verdict. The PGMOL, the referees’ governing organisation, later recognised that this was a “significant human error.” Liverpool’s reaction was fast and stern, declaring that “sporting integrity has been undermined” and that such mistakes are “unacceptable.” They have also called for a “full transparency review.”

2. The Ripple Effect: Other Decisions in the Spotlight

The Diaz incident was not the only disputed decision made during the game. Curtis Jones of Liverpool was shown a red card, and Diogo Jota was sent off after two yellow cards. Several Liverpool players, including Mohamed Salah, Andy Robertson, and Virgil van Dijk received bookings. The accumulation of these bookings could potentially result in a hefty £25k fine for Liverpool.

3. The Aftermath: Officials Under Scrutiny

Darren England and Dan Cook, the VAR officials responsible for the Diaz judgement, have suffered consequences for their actions. Both were benched for their subsequent matches. Interestingly, the same officials had officiated a league game in the UAE just two days before the Tottenham-Liverpool match. This has generated concerns about potential weariness and how it would affect their decision-making during the Premier League game.

4. Broader Implications: The Role and Reliability of VAR

This incident has reignited the debate about the role and reliability of VAR in football. While the system was designed to minimise obvious errors, incidents like these indicate that there is still space for improvement. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his displeasure, adding that while mistakes happen, the quick and wrong VAR decisions shifted the dynamic of the game.

5. Looking Ahead: Liverpool’s Next Steps

Liverpool has stated that they will “explore the range of options available” in the aftermath of this incident. They underline the importance of escalation and settlement in order to prevent such situations from recurring. The club’s aggressive reaction reflects their dedication to maintaining game fairness and holding governing authorities accountable.


The Tottenham-Liverpool match has highlighted the difficulties and flaws of VAR in football. While technology promises more precise decision-making, human errors can still occur, influencing match results and league standings. It is obvious that ongoing assessment and improvement are required to maintain the sport’s integrity.

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