Everton vs. Leicester vs. Leeds: The Last Battle Against Relegation

The Premier League reaches its final matchday with two relegation spots still up for grabs. Everton, Leeds United, and Leicester City are only two points apart, which means that any of the three is still at risk of relegation. Let’s take a look at the three teams’ chances of staying in the Premier League, as well as their final match of the season… and who knows if they’ll be in the top flight of English football.

The last matchday of the English league promises intense emotions. With several positions yet to be decided, the relegation battle is the most heated. Two historic clubs, as well as a recent league and FA Cup champion, are competing to remain in the world’s top league.

Everton vs. Bournemouth

Everton is fighting to maintain its record as the second team in England with the most consecutive years in the top division. The Liverpool-based team has been in the First Division/Premier League since 1955, but their position is in serious danger… especially if they lose their last match.

Nonetheless, Sam Dyche’s club has two significant advantages going into this last game: one, a two-point lead over their rivals, and second, an opponent with nothing to lose. Bournemouth has already clinched a place in the Premier League for next season, therefore they do not need to give their all in the last game. The Toffees, on the other hand, cannot relax since even a draw may send them down.

Leicester City vs. West Ham

Leicester City became Premier League champions just seven years ago, and only two seasons ago, they raised the FA Cup to the skies of Wembley. The 2022/2023 season, on the other hand, has been a complete nightmare for the Foxes, who reach the final matchday with one foot in the Championship.

Leicester must win the game without any ifs, ands, or buts. Any result other than three points ensures Dean Smith’s side’s relegation. Even if they win, it will not be enough because a victory for Everton would eliminate them from the table as it now stands. They require a small miracle, but given the team’s recent past, they are well-versed in fairy tales. Because the goal differential is in their favour, this could be a ray of optimism.

Leeds United vs. Tottenham

The most difficult challenge yet. After numerous seasons on the verge of promotion from the Championship, Leeds United returned to the Premier League in 2020. Their first season back in the league was a huge success, with them finishing high in the standings. However, they flirted with relegation in the 2021/2022 season, and this year has been no different.

Furthermore, their final test is the most difficult of all. On the final day, they will face Tottenham, a team from the top half of the league with a chance to qualify for the Conference League. Tottenham must win if they are to compete in Europe next season, and Leeds must do the same if they are to survive.

In the event of a draw, how is the team that avoids relegation decided?

However, there is one more option that would heighten the drama in this finale: all three teams might wind up tied. Everton must draw their match against Bournemouth, while Leicester City and Leeds United must win. Positions are determined by goal difference in this scenario… and some clubs have more troubles than others.

Leicester is the team that, in principle, would survive in this scenario. With one matchday remaining, they have a goal difference of -18, compared to -24 for Everton and -27 for Leeds. Under these circumstances, Leicester would always improve their goal difference, thus relegating the Toffees and Whites. Nevertheless, Sunday afternoon is going to be a dramatic moment for three English football fans.

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