How ‘The Office’ led the Blues to the Finals

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Joe Broback

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Joe Broback
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From the worst team in the league to competing for a Stanley Cup, the St. Louis Blues endured one giant roller coaster this year. Firing a coach, losing a key game on a controversial call, and an “Office” relationship turned rivalry have all defined their run. .

“And I’m optimistic, but every day I get a little more desperate”

A new season typically brings hope to a fan base, even if it doesn’t begin the right way. There are signs, however, of a season headed in the wrong direction. Like your coach getting fired early in the season. Mike Yeo was fired after a 7-9-3 start, leaving fans hopeful that this would be the change they needed. Unfortunately, that trend continued, and the Blues were the worst team in the NHL in January. All it took was a 25 year old rookie to turn the season around.

Jordan Binnington played in over 200 minor league hockey games before finally getting his shot with the Blues. He took his shot and ran with it, and his team caught fire. St. Louis finished the regular season with 99 points, the fifth best in the Western Conference, while Binnington finished 24-5 with a 1.89 goals against averaged. Like Michael Scott in his dating life during Season 4 of The Office, Blues fans stayed optimistic during desperate times, and it paid off.

“No! God! Please, no!”

Many fans probably used more choice words less clean than this, but it means the same thing. St. Louis found themselves in the Western Conference Finals facing the San Jose Sharks. They beat the Winnipeg Jets (4-2) and squeaked past the Dallas Stars (4-3) to get to that point. With the series tied 1-1 against the Sharks, Game 3 proved to be yet another battle. A win typically swings momentum, but it was actually a loss that refocused the Blues.

As you can see, a hand pass led to a game-winning Sharks goal to put San Jose up 2-1 in the series. The reaction that Binnington had once the call was made final is what Michael wanted to do to Toby when he returned to the Scranton branch (instead of the infamous quote above). Instead of melting down, the Blues responded. They outscored San Jose 12-2 in the next three games to win the series and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

“I am pretty sure this sums it up.”

The Office became a part of the St. Louis run during Game 7 against Dallas. St. Louis posted a video on their official Twitter account of Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) pumping up the team.

It escalated when the John Krasinski’s (Jim Halpert) Boston Bruins won the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Blues pulled out three straight wins to join them in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Halpert’s Bruins are yet again a contender, while Fischer’s Blues are looking to cap a great ending to a roller coaster season. It’s fitting the Michael Scott picks up a cup (okay a mug, which is essentially a cup) when he says “I am pretty sure this sums it up,” because there’s not much more you can say about this year.

St. Louis continues to respond to adversity, and it seems like the only way to end this season is to take home the Stanley Cup. Like Jim and Pam, the Blues endured plenty of ups and downs, but they’re looking to end the year on a high note. They’re the underdogs in this series, which is fitting considering the idea of Jim and Pam together was once that way too.

“The only thing that could make this better is ice cream”

Because, duh.

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