The Chicago Bears shouldn’t have let Eagles into the playoffs

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Dominique Clare

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The Chicago Bears made a big mistake letting the reigning Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles into the playoffs. They had an opportunity to play an opponent they dismantled twice this season. Instead, they chose to play against the hottest team in the NFL

During week 17 of the regular season, the Chicago Bears played the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears had a chance for a first-round bye if the Rams lost to the San Francisco 49ers. In addition they had to also beat the Vikings.

The Rams took care of business against the 49ers. This made the outcome of their game with Minnesota irrelevant. The games were played at the same time so the Bears should have known this at halftime. Then they should have come out with their second and third teamers. 

Why should The Chicago Bears have let the Vikings in?

This was a game the Vikings needed to win. If they would have beat the Bears, they were in no matter what. Despite that motivation, they looked terrible. They could not stop the Bears and could not move the ball on them either. Why wouldn’t the Bears want to play a team that they dominated in every facet of the game two times this season? I know the old saying goes “It’s tough to beat a team 3 times.” Well, with the way they dominated Minnesota that would not have mattered. 

Instead they let a team into the playoffs that won 5 of their last 6 games. There is no question as to who any team in the NFL would rather play under these circumstances. The Eagles were hot, they were riding Nick Foles magic, and wanted to defend their Super Bowl title. 

So instead of a destroying the Vikings for the third time in one year the Bears lost on a last second field goal at home. This was a good season for them regardless but they messed up big time here. Hopefully the coaching staff learned a thing or two about managing playoff scenarios for future years. 

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