NFL Power Rankings Week 13

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Time for week 13 of the NFL Power Rankings. We have a fun Thanksgiving edition this week with games tomorrow. The playoff picture is really starting to shape itself. Especially in the NFC where the 6th place team has a two-game lead over the net closest team in the playoff hunt.

These power rankings are based on a variety of factors you will see listed below. There is no exact mathematically formula but there is a process based on the importance of criteria, so I am not just picking teams every week based on emotion.

There is obviously subjective input to power rankings so please try not to get too upset and let’s have some fun.

The following is the NFL Power Rankings criteria by importance

  • Wins & Losses
  • Strength of Schedule
  • How good the team currently is regardless of record
  • Health of team (Yes, they may have a good record but they might have lost their starting quarterback for example.
  • Chance at Superbowl (Top 16 must be in playoff race)
  • Recent franchise history of success

  1. San Francisco (10-1)
  2. Baltimore (9-2)
  3. Seattle (9-2)
  4. New England (10-1)
  5. New Orleans (9-2)
  6. Green Bay (8-3)
  7. Minnesota (8-3)
  8. Kansas City (7-4)
  9. Houston (7-4)
  10. Buffalo (8-3)
  11. Indianapolis (6-5)
  12. Dallas (6-5)
  13. Oakland (6-5)
  14. Tennessee (6-5)
  15. Pittsburgh (6-5)
  16. LA Rams (6-5)
  17. Philadelphia (5-6)
  18. Chicago (5-6)
  19. Cleveland (5-6)
  20. Carolina (5-6)
  21. Atlanta (3-8)
  22. LA Chargers (4-7)
  23. Tampa Bay (4-7)
  24. Jacksonville (4-7)
  25. Detroit (3-7-1)
  26. Denver (3-8)
  27. Arizona (3-7-1)
  28. NY Jets (4-7)
  29. NY Giants (2-9)
  30. Washington (2-9)
  31. Miami (2-9)
  32. Cincinnati (0-11)

Here you have it. Here are all 32 teams in the NFL ranked from top to bottom. Check out our strength of schedule rankings to see why some teams are actually in their correct position.