NFL 2019 – 8 Must Watch Games of the Season

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With a whole season of NFL games just at the door – we start planning which games we will see either live, at the event venue or online. As planning is the key to ensure that you will not miss an important game, here are some of the most important games of the NFL 2019 regular season.

1. Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

This is the 2019 NFL opening game, and since it is in the first week of NFL, it is interesting to see how the games will start as the season sets off with two dominant franchises facing each other. Both teams look to take early control of the NFC North.

2. Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys

With games well into week 15, we are bound to have a clearer picture of how the season is progressing. With that in mind, don’t miss watching the Dallas Cowboys as they make their statement with another formidable team – The Rams.

3. New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles

Nothing much to be said there, but this is definitely a game to watch as it could most likely be a top game this season. Not just because these are two of the best teams, but here are two super bowl winners in Tom Brady and Carson Wentz, and they are playing against each other.

4. Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots

They are not just a must-see, but this is likely to be quite a battle especially with none other than Tom Brady as he faces Patrick Holmes. One of the best quarterbacks and an MVP in opposite teams – well we just have to wait and see since we are bound to watch an incomparable game. And, the outcome is detrimental to both teams as it will determine the home field in AFC as we take into account that it is unlikely that either of the teams is going to fall out of the slot that it is in at the moment. It is a game for week 14, so it will be wrapping up as such it might be quite a battle. You can search for no fee NFL tickets for this game from here, and for all other games of the season as well.

5. Chicago Bears vs Los Angeles Rams

Week 11 is going to be a showcase of skills as the Bears are experts at shutting down offenses while the Rams have an utterly contrary style that is so classic of them. It will be a clash and a game of skills that no one who loves the NFL will want to miss come sunshine or rain!

6. Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs

This is a game that is not easily repeated as these two formidable teams don’t meet except every four years. And, having Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers facing each other is just one more reason to watch this unique game. Still, we need to remember the ferocity of the game when these teams met last time, and we know we have a must-watch game!

7. Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of recent history. The Eagles beat the Vikings in the 2017 NFC conference championship game. In 2018 the Eagles stole the Vikings wild card playoff spot during the last game of the season. The Vikings have a chance for revenge during week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

8. New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

A week 2 game, and when the season comes to a close these two NFL giants are not to be missed if we could help it. Drew Brees, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Alvin Kamara are on one playfield while Clay Matthews is a recent addition to the Rams. All in all, this could be a game of championship-level, not just because of the mighty players on the roster but these teams have always been there at the top with unparalleled performance, players and a history that is formidable, to say the least.

There is nothing that can be foreseen when it comes to NFL in general, but there are teams that we love, and others that are known for the skills that they depict. Of course, sometimes we want to watch a game just for the love or the prowess of a particular player.

To sum up, it is American football season and fans want to see the best of it – support your favorite team, player, or both as you have some fun.

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