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The NBA All-Star draft will take place on February 7th, where Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James will select their teams for the All-Star Game which will be hosted in Charlotte later in the year. So, today I am going to predict what the draft will look like on the evening on the 7th.

Pick One (Team LeBron): Steph Curry

Kevin Durant would be a very intriguing pick for LeBron, but I think he will opt to go with the best shooter this game has ever seen. Steph Curry is made for these All-Star Games where he will be able to launch three after three from long range. He will also be playing in his hometown, which should give him extra motivation to succeed during the matchup.

Pick Two (Team Giannis): Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is probably the second best player in the world, and would fit in with Giannis very well. Durant is not as athletic as the Greek Freak, but is a much better shooter. Durant will be able to fill up the bucket in Charolette.

Pick Three (Team LeBron): Kawhi Leonard

Someone will have to guard Durant and Giannis, and Kawhi Leonard is one of the best suited players to do so. Kawhi is playing better than we have ever seen, and has Toronto in position to be a dark horse contender, and is the likely favorite to come out of the East.

Pick Four (Team Giannis): James Harden

Team Giannis already has two forwards, so now they need to turn to guard play. James Harden is running away with the MVP race at this point in the season, and is capable of going head to head with Team LeBron’s Steph Curry. Much like Curry, Harden is made for these type of exhibitiont games where he can create his own shot and shoot from long range.

Pick Five (Team LeBron): Joel Embiid

LeBron already has both forwards and point guard locked up, so now he takes the best center in the NBA. Joel Embiid should be electrifying in this game where his character will show out in full force. He will make an impact on both ends of the court.

Pick Six (Team Giannis): Kyrie Irving

Giannis has the ability to pick between Kemba and Kyrie Irving, and Kyrie is the clear cut answer at this point in the draft. Kyrie has the dribble moves to put on a show inside of the Spectrum Center, and will have his fair share of players to pass the ball off to.

Pick Seven (Team LeBron): Paul George

George is a crazy value pick at this point in the draft, and you could easily talk me into taking him higher. However, he is at a position with a lot of depth which will decrease his value. Team LeBron would have a plethora of fantastic two way players between George, LeBron, and Kawhi.

Pick Eight (Team Giannis): Kemba Walker

Kemba doesn’t have a clear cut role on this team, but should still make for some exciting entertainment playing in front of his home crowd. He is one of the best playmakers in this game, and should put a few players on skates with his trademark zx jumper.

Prediction: Team LeBron over Team Giannis

I think if the draft shapes up this way that Team LeBron would have the edge over the Greek Freaks team. LeBron has Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Joel Embiid along with the best shooter in the game in Steph Curry. Giannis’ team would put up an exciting brand of basketball with two of the best playmakers in Kemba and Kyrie, but don’t have the two way firepower that team LeBron has. However, the way the reserves play out will have a big outcome on how this game shapes up.

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