Top college football players in EA Sports NCAA Football

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News of the NCAA potentially approving players being allowed to profit from their image and likeness sparked a strong reaction from Twitter. While nothing is official even after that announcement, it didn’t stop fans from begging for EA Sports to bring back a popular video game. Whether or not the NCAA is actually on board with moving towards letting players benefit from their name, it got us thinking. Who would be the best players to play with when (or if) the game comes back? Since the earliest we could see it is 2021 (fingers crossed for an earlier release date), we take a look at who would be the best players when that game comes out. And yes, we know that some, if not most, of these college football players can declare for the NFL Draft.

Top EA Sports NCAA ’21 players

Trevor Lawrence – QB, Clemson

Lawrence already received hype as a freshman, and leads an undefeated Clemson Tigers team in 2019. If he decides to go all four years in college, he’d be a 99 overall (and the top player in the EA Sports game), and the best player in the nation. Imagine his rating for arm strength at that point.

Justin Fields – QB, Ohio State

Fields and the Buckeyes are surprising us with their domination this year, and that’s just as a sophomore. If you’re playing NCAA Football ’21, Ohio State would be simply unfair to play against with Fields. He can run and has a great arm as well, making any opponent sweat over trying to stop him.

Micah Parsons – LB , Penn State

We understand that you don’t play NCAA to play defense, but Parsons would be a guy to use. It’s tough to see him staying until his senior year, but he’s a tackling machine who could rack up the stats.

Chuba Hubard – RB, Oklahoma State

Hubbard’s already dominating Big 12 defenses, and it’s unlikely that he’d stay for his senior season. Still, playing with Spencer Sanders and Hubbard in this game wouldn’t be fair. Good luck stopping that read option.

Jevon Holland – S, Oregon

Scouts are upset that Holland can’t declare this year, so that should tell you how long he’ll be in Eugene. He’s a playmaker who had five interceptions last year, and already has four in 2019.

Rondale Moore – WR, Purdue

Want the inverse of Kenneth Gainwell? That’s Rondale Moore. A wide receiver that can run the ball well too, Moore’s been set back by injury this year. He’ll warrant plenty of NFL attention next year, but he’d be another entertaining player to use in the game.

Jaylen Waddle – WR, Alabama

Waddle’s shown that he can keep up with Henry Ruggs III in a race, and that was just as a freshman. Now, he’s a sophomore, but is fighting for touches behind Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy, and DeVonta Smith. If he stays four years (unlikely), he’d be the fastest player in the game.

Underrated players

Rashod Bateman – WR, Minnesota

Bateman won’t have to compete with Tyler Johnson next year, but he’s showing why he’ll be a star in the future. The Georgia native is averaging 20.8 yards per catch, and played a huge role in the Gophers 8-0 start.

Jordan Williams – DT, Clemson

With defensive end Xavier Thomas getting all of the preseason attention, Williams slid under the radar. In the first eight games, he’s already produced 10 tackles for loss and five sacks.

Brevin Jordan – TE, Miami

Jordan’s pretty much a guarantee to head to the NFL as soon as he’s eligible, and it doesn’t help that Miami’s struggling. Jordan would be your top target if you’re playing with the Canes, but he probably won’t stick around to be in the game.

Kenneth Gainwell – RB, Memphis

Gainwell’s been putting on a show in the absence of Patrick Taylor. His first year as a starter is producing huge dividends for the Tigers offense. If you’re looking to feature on player in both the running and passing games, Gainwell’s your guy in this game.

Mike Rose – LB, Iowa State

A defensive playmaker, Rose will be a leader for the Cyclones defense the next two years. He already has 128 tackles (17 for loss) to his name, and he’s already looking better as a sophomore.

Andre Cisco – S, Syracuse

If you like playing defense on the game, you probably like having a ball-hawking safety. Cisco’s the definition of that, with nine interceptions to his name already. Throw in 13 passes defended and 92 tackles, and you’ll love playing with his versatility.

Bo Nix – QB, Auburn

Auburn’s offense doesn’t really translate on video games, but Nix should still be fun to play with on the game. He’s already shown he can throw the ball well, and would be an underrated player in the game.

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