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College football fans are extremely loyal to their team, and there’s not typically room for more than one. If you’re new to the sport, it’s easy to pick a team that’s popular. However, the beauty of college football is that there are 129 FBS teams to choose from (and so many more when you move down to FCS, DII, and DIII). Need help picking a team to give your loyalty? We’ll give you categories to choose from, and a handful of teams that fit each category.

College Football Favorites

We get it, you like winners. These are the teams that will compete for national championships and be Top 10 teams frequently. Choosing these teams means you’re jumping on a bandwagon, which we don’t like. It does also mean you’re watching college football, which we do like.

Teams in this category:

Ohio State

Second Tier

Maybe you don’t like a team that’s already a contender. You might like a team that’s right on the edge of greatness, but hasn’t taken that next step. These teams will frustrate you to no end, but they keep you coming back because you know they’re so close. The roller coaster of emotions is why we like college football, and these teams are for you if you enjoy a ride.


Penn State

College Football Underdogs

Easily the most entertaining of every category in this article. Pros include no stress of being the favorite, and lower expectations. Cons include you’re unlikely to make the playoff, and you probably lose a game or two that you shouldn’t. This category ranges from middle of the pack Power 5 teams to Group of 5 teams. So, you have quite a few options to pick from in this category.


Boise State
Appalachian State

College Football Unique Teams

All college football teams are unique. Their culture, uniforms, and many other things separate them from any other team. So what makes them unique? If you still run the triple option, you’re unique. If you don’t live on the mainland, you’re unique. There aren’t as many options to pick from here, but they’re still fun to watch.


Georgia Southern

Lower Tiered Teams

Maybe you don’t like to be mainstream. Maybe your thing is watching lesser followed teams. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll find it difficult to watch these teams if you’re not near campus. These are teams ranging from FCS all the way down to Division 3 football. All are still great options, but just require a little more work to watch.

Teams (STATE):

North Dakota State (ND)
South Dakota State (SD)
Jacksonville State (FL)
UC Davis (CA)

Colorado School of Mines (CO)
Northwest Missouri (MO)
Valdosta State (GA)
Minnesota State (MN)

Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX)
Mount Union (OH)
St. John’s (MN)
UW-Whitewater (WI)

Need more teams? You can always look at the standings of every conference and pick a team from there. Looking forward to more college football coverage? Stay tuned to Champion Insiders and Joe Broback. We’re just nine days away from college football!

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