Is this the Mitch Trubisky we can Expect from Now On?

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Mitch Trubisky proved he is worthy of a second-overall draft pick this past Sunday. He delivered a stellar performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Trubisky threw for 354 yards while completing 19 of 26 passing attempts, soundly defeating Tampa 48-10. Of those 19 completions, six were of the touchdown variety. His total QBR (quarterback rating) on the day was an impressive 154.6. Also worth noting, five different Bears receivers recorded at least one reception. Trubisky did a fantastic job of spreading the wealth against a porous Buccaneers secondary. This was by far the best game of his young career. With the new minds of Mark Helfrich and Adam Nagy at the helm of the offense, is the Mitch Trubisky we can expect to witness for years to come?

Can Trubisky continue to grow?

As a Bears faithful, I pray to continue to see growth out of a young gun like Mitch Trubisky. He has all of the physical tools you need to be a successful NFL quarterback. He has size, strength, sneaky athleticism, great footwork, a cannon for an arm, and supreme toughness. A day like Sunday makes me believe in him. The first three weeks of the season left little to be desired. Trubisky threw for twice as many touchdowns Sunday than he has thrown for in the first three games combined.

Another focal point I look at is mental maturity. In the first game of the 2018 season, the Bears led the Green Bay Packers by 20 points in the third quarter. The Packers beat them in one of the most pathetic displays of offense ever. The play calling was putrid, but the execution was far worse. Trubisky did not throw for a touchdown the entire game and the offense could only muster three points in the third and fourth quarters. A trait that every NFL quarterback should have cannot be taught, and that is to rise to the occasion late in games when your team desperately needs points on the board. This is something that has yet to be proven to me from the young Trubisky.

Too many collapses?

Frankly, good NFL quarterbacks do not have collapses like this. I still see Trubisky missing five-yard-outs that should be a given for any offense. He tries to extend plays with his feet by rolling outside of the pocket, but then gets sacked and takes huge losses, giving the offense little chance for successful drives. These are simply too large of red flags for me to overlook.

But, enough with the bad. There was plenty of good that came out of the dismantlement of the Buccaneers.

Mitch Trubisky looked as good as any quarterback in the entire league this past week. The offensive execution was almost flawless. He threw the ball away when he needed to and made extremely intelligent throws while only being sacked once. He continually dropped the ball in the basket for the speedy receivers of Chicago Bears, leading them perfectly and giving them the ability to make plays downfield. This was a huge question mark through the first three games of the new campaign. With his confidence having to be at a new high and the passing game picking up steam, this could compliment an already-dangerous running game behind the two-headed monster of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen.

All on Trubisky

With all of this being said, the offense of the Chicago Bears has the potential to be SCARY good (yes, you read that right). The defense is going to compete every week, as this has already been established. If the offense can sustain long drives while giving the defense much-needed rest, the Bears will have no problem reaching the playoffs. But, I feel as if this all lies on Trubisky’s shoulders.

Is this the Trubisky we can expect for the better part of his professional career? There’s just no way to tell. But, the growth of this young man through the first quarter of the season has been duly noted. I like what the Bears’ play calling has done with the quick-screens to Cohen and Taylor Gabriel, who are two of the most electric playmakers the game has to offer. These short passes build confidence and can be trouble for defenses if they do not have the speedy personnel to make one-on-one tackles in the open field. Chicago’s front office has done a magnificent job with putting talent around the young quarterback. Players like Howard, Cohen, Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and Trey Burton can all be used in a number of ways. This makes the life of any quarterback and offensive coordinator a dream-scenario.

The Chicago Bears certainly have the talent around Mitch Trubisky to make him an All-Pro for years to come, and the only question remains is simple: Can he institute a level of consistency into his game that we have not seen before?

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