Carli Lloyd getting inquiries from NFL teams after viral field goal video

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Carli Lloyd was just having fun with the Philadelphia Eagles after practice earlier this week, and now she is getting calls from NFL teams. This is all happening after draining a 55-yard field goal on Tuesday. The videos of her kick have been trending on social media.

Who is Carli Lloyd

For those who are unfamiliar with Lloyd’s impressive body of work in soccer, Carli Lloyd is a two-time Olympic gold medalist for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. She plays the middlefield position. Outside of the Olympic team, Carli plays professional soccer for the Sky Blue FC based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey where she is a standout veteran.

NFL teams calling Carli Lloyd

As expected, NFL teams have shown some interest in giving Carli Lloyd a chance. Some may be doing it for publicity and others likely because she can flat out kick. Regardless, there are many teams in the NFL who need to fix their kicking situation (Chicago Bears for example).

Lloyd didn’t rule out the possibility of playing in the NFL but did provide some clarity on where her heart is to Sports Illustrated’s “Planet Futbol TV”:

“There’s been some interesting chatter about it,” Lloyd said. “I think anything is possible. It’s been really interesting because, for me, I’m just an athlete. I’m a competitor. But for so many other people, I think they’re starting to think will there ever be a female in the NFL at some point. And I think we’re kind of at that crossroads as far as equality and just women empowerment, so you’re kind of being in the crosshairs of that. I’ve definitely got some inquiries, I’ve definitely got some people talking. Anything is possible, but right now, I’m strictly a soccer player, and we’ll see what the future holds.”

Carli Lloyd just showed the world that women can kick with the men in football. Could her next kick be for an NFL team?

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