College Football Playoff Committee releases initial Top 25 rankings

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We’ve reached the point in the season where we get our official College Football Playoff rankings. Whether you agree with the timing of the rankings or not (I personally don’t like it), it’s time to begin debating. While not many fans will argue teams 15-25, the four playoff spots remain a hot topic. You may think you know what the committee will do, but they typically have a few surprises up their sleeves.

The biggest question for the committee is how they rank LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson. These are the four best teams so far, so it’s only a matter of how they view each team. As the committee releases their rankings, we at Champion Insiders will update the rankings, and provide our reactions and thoughts to the rankings.

Other questions must be answered by the committee as well. The top Group of 5 team remains a question, with Memphis projected to be the highest ranked team in that group. Will they get other teams in the Top 25? Teams like Boise State, SMU and Cincinnati deserve to be in that discussion. How will the committee undefeated Baylor and Minnesota. Both the Bears and Gophers haven’t sustained a loss, but also haven’t played a ton of elite competition. We’ll learn a lot tonight, and also have many other questions. That’s the beauty of it all, though.

College Football Playoff rankings

25. SMU
24. Navy
23. Oklahoma State
22. Boise State
21. Memphis
20. Cincinnati
19. Wake Forest
18. Iowa
17. Minnesota
16. Kansas State
15. Notre Dame
14. Michigan
13. Wisconsin
12. Baylor
11. Auburn
10. Florida
9. Oklahoma
8. Utah
7. Oregon
6. Georgia
5. Clemson
4. Penn State
3. Alabama
2. LSU
1. Ohio State

Initial Thoughts

  • LSU should be ranked first, because quality wins should be valued more than the eye test.
  • Penn State jumping Clemson for the final playoff spot is the most surprising selection, but not outrageous.
  • Minnesota clearly didn’t get the eye test approval from the committee, but will add to their resume over the next month.
  • Georgia’s loss to South Carolina apparently is better than Oklahoma’s loss to Kansas State.
  • It’s dangerous putting Florida and Auburn ahead of two unbeaten Power 5 teams. When you start justifying two losses over zero, that becomes suspect. Lots of season left, but that’s something to keep an eye on in the future.
  • Five Group of 5 teams made the Top 25, including four from the AAC. The Power 6 movement is going strong for Mike Aresco.
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